Frequently Asked Questions

Great Lengths FAQ

Will great lengths ruin my hair?

Great Lengths specially formulated bonds have been scientifically proven not to cause damage to hair

How long do they last?

Up to 5 months

Are great lengths 100% human hair?

Yes. finest quality hair is used to ensure easy maintenance

Why great lengths?

They are the international leading hair extension system favoured by many celebrities

Yuko FAQ

How long does YUKO process take?

3-4 hrs depending on hair type

How soon can i wash my hair?

48 hours after treatment.

How does YUKO work?

The solutions work by physically changing the internal structure of the hair permanently.

Is YUKO safe?

Yes. YUKO solutions do not contain any chemicals that produce formaldehyde or any other cancer causing substance.

Will YUKO ruin my hair?

YUKO is not just about straightening  the hair, it also re-texturises your hair to a healthy shine.